Case Study: Awkward Photos Edition

So, over on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, I like to partake in the phenomenon known as "Throwback Thursday," also known as "TBT." 

And in case you live under a rock, Throwback Thursday is the act of posting pictures from the past onto social media. Ok, moving on...

When I first started posting old pictures of myself, I posted only the "cute" ones. Like this:

Aww. And this one:

I look just precious, don't I? Not a single bit of crazy. 

When I posted these cute pictures of myself, I got, hmm, maybe 2-5 "likes" on each one. Not too many comments, not too many views. I was a bit surprised, as I thought to myself, "hey, isn't this what people want? A little girl who looks delightful, angelic, like the picture that comes in a newly-bought frame?

On a very brave whim one Thursday, I decided to post this:

Yes, that is a unibrow. Yes, I realize my hair is puffy. 

Well, guess what...

I got about 5x the likes and comments on this picture. People freakin' LOVED it. I couldn't believe it.  

So, I posted another one.

Isn't this lovely? FYI... My mother's shirt says "G.R.I.T.S. Girls Raised In The South." Can't make this stuff up.

Here comes another one (note the brows again)...

And another...

Every Thursday that I posted an embarrassing picture of myself, I received more and more feedback! In fact, these crazy pictures have received more likes and comments than anything I have ever posted on social media, besides my album release announcements.

So what do I take from all this? 

-Funny kid pictures are baller (wow, I should never use slang. Yet here I am, keeping it in there).
-I will definitely be posting more (even if it still make me nervous...).
-I really need to stop using so many parentheses.


Being real is just always better. 

Posted on September 1, 2014 .