Nov 3

Judy Stakee Songwriting Retreat

Jessie has been selected to participate in a prestigious songwriting retreat led by music publishing mogul, Judy Stakee. Jessie is not only participating, but she has also been invited to lead a vocal class for the participants.

For more info on the retreat, check it out here. 

9:00 pm21:00

Heavy Pedal show - Nashville

Jessie is the lead singer in Heavy Pedal - a steel guitar-driven heavy metal cover band. Come check out her and the successful session musicians in this rocking show at Soulshine Pizza in Nashville!

Jul 16

Band On The Sand - Crater Island, WI

Playing on the beach! 


Crater Island.  This is a sand lagoon in Pool 8 on the Mississippi River south of LaCrosse, across from Brownsville, MN.

Playing both Friday and Saturday. Come hang and hear some great bands, including Jessie Smith!