Whiskey Jam and Soulshine Pizza

I played two crazy fun shows last week. On Monday night, I had the honor of playing Whiskey Jam for the first time. There were lots of virgin jokes. wah wah wah. 

I received a lot of great feedback from this show. It seems my band really made me look good that night (that's their job, right? i kid i kid). I met some wonderful people on Instagram after the show that sent me the sweetest comments. Here's one of them:

"A bunch of us came from all over the US to see Kurt Nilsen @ the whiskey jam but we also enjoyed discovering you and your wonderful voice! I'm a new fan now!!"

  And here's another:

"I was one that came to see Kurt Nilsen too. I enjoyed you very much! :)"

So I learned two things that night.

1. Kurt Nilsen is a Norwegian artist. And quite popular. And now I know why. Holy cow, amazing!
2. Kurt Nilsen fans are SO NICE!!

So grateful for good feedback. It's rare to receive positive feedback in this town (not complaining, just saying. But I do love a good compliment. :P ) 

Here are some pictures from Whiskey Jam, taken by my new friend, Deb Jackson:

Then, Tuesday night, I sang in a Writer's Round with two very talented folks, including a great friend of mine named Levi. I tell you specifically about Levi because Levi is slightly afraid of playing out, despite the fact that he's UNBELIEVABLE. I shall introduce you to him in a minute. 
Here is a video my good friend Daniel recorded from the show:

And here is my crazy-talented friend, Levi Douglas. That voice will shake your bones. He doesn't play out often, so I'd suggest giving it a listen!

Posted on March 17, 2014 .