Album's Done! Kickstarter Prizes Sent!

Most of you know this now. But just in case...

Shiloh is done! Get it here! 

Or you can stream it all here online!

And in other news, the Kickstarter prizes have been mailed out!! (with exception to two people who are getting something a little more specialized.) I'm so glad to have these finally finished! I'm so grateful for the supporters. I can't even believe it was successful and that I've been on this crazy, wonderful road!

I don't know if I've ever said this out loud, but I am deathly afraid of the post office. I get more nervous about the post office than I do about performing, job interviews, or sky diving. I can't ever remember the lingo (first class, priority, etc.), everyone's in a hurry, and those postal workers scare me something fierce. All that being said...

Here are some pictures and backstory about how my trip to the post office with a cart load of Kickstarter packages went. Not to spoil the story, but... it wasn't pretty.

I got the packages in the car. Success! Feeling good.

I arrived at the post office, and the line was, naturally, out the door. I grabbed a cart and loaded her up.

As I pushed the cart inside, I got a few laughs and wide eyes. My heart rate started rising.


Finally, it was my turn to go up to the desk. There were two clerks working; one who seemed really nice, and the other who was one small notch above Jack The Ripper. I got Jack. My whole face felt hot. He took one look at my packages, sighed, and said, 

"All of your packages are incorrectly addressed."
"Ma'am, all your packages are incorrectly addressed. You have to start all over."

He slapped down some blank stickers, and to my surprise, he started helping me readdress them all. I thanked him; he didn't answer back. He wasn't doing it to be nice.

I asked him if he had any extra tape so I could re-tape one of my boxes. He gave me the dispenser, and I started trying to tape as fast as I could. I could feel the long line of bored people watching. I could feel the exasperation of the clerk. I was shaking. I taped slanted, backwards, folded over, sideways, upside-down. I had balls of tape sticking to the box. Balls! I forced a smile and looked at the people in the line, chuckled confidently, acting like I had it under control. I wasn't fooling anybody. I managed to mangle the tape dispenser so badly, that I had to pull out about a 4-foot strip of tape in order to make it work right again. And I cut 2 of my fingertips on that tape-cutter-thing. I was bleeding over pens, address labels and boxes. I looked more than a little crazy.


When all the packages were out of my hands, and the postal nightmare was over, I RAN to my car. In slow-motion. Chariots Of Fire was playing. 

I had made it out alive.

Posted on March 11, 2014 .