Live Show Review!

Nashville Offbeat, a Nashville music blog, came to watch a Jessie Smith show and did a stellar review about it. Check it out here, or read below:

Jessie Smith brought her "swampy soul singer/songwriter" style to Tin Roof on July 12th, hosted by Spotlight 615.  With a tight thirty-minute set, she made sure that everyone present had their eyes unwaveringly trained on her.

"The first thing Nashville Offbeat noticed was Jessie's passion and power onstage.  The proverbial electricity was running right through her entire body as she clapped and stomped along to the beat (the whole room could hear it even without a mic!).  She had passing tourists stopping to stand in the doorway to watch her vibrant performance.  

Jessie's lyrics and songwriting abilities are superb as well!  The use of rhythm in the melodies makes them stand out and flow across the room.  Though Jessie claims she's not a morning person, when she hits the stage, she's the person in her song "Like the Sun."  "Well I look to the sky, and I thought what if I was lighting up the world, honey, and I didn't even know."  Her accompanist and husband, Bradley, is a killer guitar player and vocalist, whose talents complement Jessie perfectly.  His laid-back, confident playing style created the backdrop for Jessie's voice to shine throughout the performance.  The show was tight, fun, and highly entertaining!

"Like the Sun" is also the name of Jessie's first full-length album, released earlier this year, and is available on Soundcloud.  She plans on performing in the near future at Acme Feed and Seed and The Family Wash.  Follow this upcoming artist on Facebook for updates and info! "

Posted on July 17, 2017 .