Behind The Song - Junkyard God

It's time for the Junkyard! I'm excited to write more about this song from my latest album, Like The Sun!

I wrote this with my producer Neilson Hubbard and engineer Joshua Britt. Not only are they gifted musically, they also produce music videos and are photographers for some of America's biggest music acts, including Jason Isbell and John Prine. 

Junkyard God is about finding God, love, and beauty in the unexpected parts of life. 

I've found the most love in my life, not in the pretty and stereotypical moments, but in the messier stuff. I found it in the hard climbs and difficult conversations. I found God in people from all walks of life. The more I learned about the dust and broken glass of my own life, the more I saw the good in the world around me.

Some people wrap their stories in beautiful bows. I wrap mine in a big, rusty chain. I hope you like it. 
Listen here!

Jessie Smith, Neilson Hubbard, Joshua Britt

i found god in a junkyard
twisted in the metal and rust
chrome lit up like a burning bush
let the dirt and dust fill you up
in the junkyard

i felt my peace in the broken
crumbled in the hoods and trunks
made my friends in the weeds and snakes

slither juke jive and shake
in the junkyard

i left my father in the city
left my mother at alone
made my home in a pile of mud
i’d rather live in ash and bone
in the junkyard

i hear a voice a calling
like moses going down to the sea
grace don’t come in perfect things
in the tires and chains you’ll find me


Posted on June 18, 2017 .