Shake That Thing

As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, I'm often looking for ways to show love to myself, especially in food and exercise. I have to always stay on top of my mental and physical health in a way that doesn't hurt me. There are a lot of messages in the world for the extreme exercisers, the gym buffs, the insanity-driven. For me, that doesn't work anymore. I need exercise to be fun, for it to vary, and to keep my focus on the activity instead of on my "fitness level." In my search, I found these dance videos that are fun and, well, hilarious. I am NOT a dancer. I often just break down in my own dance when I can't keep up with what is doing. But MAN, I can't stop laughing and dancing and laughing and dancing. If you need a little shakeup to start this week, if you need a little more play time in your day, and ESPECIALLY if you need an excuse to shake that booty, stop everything you're doing and dance to this 3 minute song. Thanks, Fitness Marshall. <3:ThaThank  Th


Posted on July 6, 2016 .