Me Like Clothes. Nom Nom Nom

I don't like to say I like clothes. I'm almost embarrassed about it! I feel that if I say I love clothes, then I'll be too materialistic. Or, heaven forbid, girly!

Who am I kidding. I dooooooo. Holy moly, I LOVE CLOTHES!

I want them all. I want all the clothes. Gimme gimme gimme.  

I cannot have all the clothes. But if I could, I'd probably STILL be posting this. 

My style has morphed over time. One of the main things that has always stuck, though, is that I want to be 1. approachable/kind, 2. down-to-earth (no Lady Gaga for me!), and 3. unique. Oh, and 4. a badass. Because, who wouldn't wanna be a badass?

Here are some outfits/pieces I have been loving lately.  


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Posted on September 18, 2013 .