New Album On Its Way!

I finally have the songs in hand. Album artwork is being printed. Shows are beginning to be booked.

It's about to get CRAZE-BALLS!! (God-willing.)

Here is the cover image for Shiloh. Photo by the fabulous David Bean, and layout and artwork created by the incredibly talented Alyssa Butler:


The goal is to have a release date either December or January at the latest. I will first release it to my amazing donors to my successful Kickstarter campaign. Two weeks after that, I will release it to the world! Or at least to people who are interested. :P

I hope that this album gives you good stories, good melodies, good sounds, and some Southern soul straight from the G-A. But more than anything, I hope that it makes you FEEL. Whatever comes up, whatever you need to feel, that you are free to feel any and all of it through Shiloh. 


THANK YOU for your support!!!