I'm The Crazy Grandma Lady

So I'm really social. And by social, I mean I run errands on Friday nights because I run into the least amount of people that way. This past Friday, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a present for a friend. It was really fun. I had a gift card. I got some makeup.

Yes, there is a point to this.

When I was in high school, all the cool kids would hang out in the parking lot of the local Kroger (or "Krogers," as many Southerners would say). I was never invited to hang out there. I've decided it's because I was so beautiful that no one wanted me around to take their boyfriends. (Let's just ignore the fact that I had a unibrow....)

Well, in fancy-pants Franklin, Tennessee, it is apparently no different. At exactly 9pm, I walk out to my car from the store and was greeted by THIS.

photo Ok, so the picture doesn't do it much justice, but it shows a glimmer into the amount of lil' whippersnappers that were surrounding my car.

If I were to guess, I'd say around 10 million high schoolers were there.

OKAY, I'm exaggerating. More like 200. But seriously. 200 teenagers is approximately 199 too many teenagers.

They were EVERYWHERE. And they were doing lots of things that The United States and Tennessee laws have deemed slightly illegal in nature, like drinking and smoking and... cuddling.

Then all of a sudden, I turned into Crazy Grandma. I picked up my proverbial walking stick and started yelling.


"Where are you parents?! When I was your age, blah blah blah... YOUNG LADY, YOUR SKIRT IS TOO SHORT!"

Gosh, I am so old.