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Columbus Day!!!

When I was in third grade, my grandmother did an "interview" of me. She asked me questions like, "What do you want to be when you grow up? If you had to give away your favorite toy to help a poor kid have food, would you do it?" and so on. Then, I answered a question that has followed me every year since that day.

Grandmama: Jessie, what is your favorite holiday?
Jessie: Columbus Day!!! [proceed to talk for a few very long minutes about the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria]

Now, every Columbus Day, my family makes it a point to make sure and call me to wish me a "HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!!"

Yeah, yeah yeah... 

A toast, to the "best holiday ever!"


I was a weird kid, ok? 

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Bed Head

I am one happy, happy lady when I'm asleep. I am one cranky, cranky lady when I wake up. I had some epic hair when I woke up this morning. Just keepin it real...


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Weekend Fun

This weekend was a very eventful one for me! On Saturday, I recorded a song demo in the morning, and in the afternoon I did an acoustic show for a fundraising event. Then in the evening I went to my little buddy Julian Dente's show at a coffee shop called Bongo Java. 'Twas excellent. I am excited to be writing again with my friend and talented co-writer Simone Simonton this week. She's pretty much the coolest. I have two songs for sure ready for the upcoming record, and 3 more almost complete. I am praying they are good and authentic, and I am confident they will be.

At the end of this week through the middle of next, I'm taking myself on a little writing retreat to a ridiculously amazing house deep in the Blue Ridge mountains (note pictures below). It is absolute heaven. It feels like you just dropped off the planet into a remote place where you can simply just be. That is not a frequent occurrence in my life, so hopefully I will soak it in for all it's worth. My mom and aunt are joining me as well, so I don't get eaten by a bear. :P


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I spotted this sign while on my honeymoon in NYC. It wasn't supposed to be a joke, I don't think.


Oh, New York, how I love thee...

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In A (Not So Distant) Past...

It hasn't been until recent that I have been able to just be employed by music. Just a few short months ago, I was also a world-class nanny. Ok, maybe not world-class...

It was hard. It was hard to expend so much energy taking care of babies, and then go home and work on music. Even though I have taken care of some of the sweetest kids known to man, it is still hard to do all of it. However...

This is nothing new here in Nashville.

There is at least a football stadium-size amount of unbelievably talented musicians in this town who are working tirelessly at odd jobs, and then taking the rest of their waking hours to pursue their music dreams. So before I go "tooting my horn" for all my "hard work," I need to remember that this kind of hard work is nothing new.

And nannying really was an amazing gift. I learned how wonderfully difficult and beautiful kids are. I know more about babies than any "non-mom" ought. And it's awesome. And I now am in LOVE with a few children that I know I will keep up with for the rest of my life.

I leave you with this picture from "the olden days..." ;)

I'm a whiz at the sling, btdubs. :P

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Hello world!

Yay, blog time! Welcome!Music is a crazy business. It feels so good to do something like this and escape that world a bit. I'll still write about music sometimes, but here I can write just for fun, not so I can impress someone. :) So, I will welcome you with something that will hopefully make you as happy as it makes me!

Click here for the cutest thing ever! 




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