Music Updates (And A Healthy Dose Of Self-Analyzing)

I'm a singer.
And I play piano. 
But when I write, and when I play out, I rely heavily on guitar. I plunk out chords on piano, then summon Bradley to transfer it to guitar at the earliest possible moment. Generally speaking. 

Well, I've FINALLY started learning guitar.
And it's not so bad! It's easier than piano I think, but also hurts my fingers like the dickens. Yeah, I said it. Dickens. 
I hope to play a few songs live on guitar in the coming year with my talented guitar-slinging hubs.

I've been having more fun doing music lately than I have in a long time! Thanks in great part to house shows and online shows, I've been able to make new friends, love on old friends, and be loved on! And that's what makes the happiest. Here is our new video explaining all about our house shows! We'd LOVE to come play for your friends and family!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few online and house shows!


I've also started feeling more settled lately, musically and personally. I've been feeling very chill, which is a welcome change. I've been like a whirling dervish since I started promoting my swampy, soulful music. Calling and emailing every venue I could find, staying up all night on the computer, writing during the day, trying to prove myself to a bunch of disinterested people, all while keeping my day job(s). Burn-out was looming, and I knew I had to change something. I knew I couldn't change my workload, as my music endeavors require me to work a lot. My only options were to quit music or change my perspective. Music isn't going anywhere, so... it was time to do some brain changing. I discovered the part that was sucking me dry wasn't the work itself, it was the worrying, the proving, the pleasing. I'm still working on it, but I already feel like someone just pulled a grand piano off my chest. Everything is much brighter. I have more energy to give to the music I love so much. And I have more energy not just for music, but also things like noticing the world around me, and caring about people, and laughing, and cooking, and making jewelry, and celebrating birthdays, and teaching more students about music, and a slew of other joys I have in my life that I neglect when I'm at a 10 on the stress scale.

In reaching for the stars, I was forgetting all the light already around me. I still reach for the stars, but now I don't need the stars. It's like I've hit an emotional stride. Like a good wave on water skis. I really hope it stays this way.

Posted on June 15, 2015 .