Grammy Thinkin'


Look at that thing. 
The kid in me is in awe.
The grown-up in me is taking notes.
But the emotional part of me is in longing. Cavernous longing. Tortuous longing. 

What a feeling it would be! To make it! To be heard by millions! 


That’s not quite my reality.

This is closer to it..


Or this.


Aaannnnddd this one...


.But hey, you know what? The further I go, the more I think I was created to trudge through the mud. I keep finding myself under rocks and brush and animals. The bruises and the dirt in my fingernails show me I'm making a mark. Do I hope to make it out alive? Ooohhh yes. 
But until then, I am so, RIDICULOUSLY thankful for all that I am learning about myself and the world! 

Posted on January 2, 2015 .