Girl Crush Cover Video

Last weekend, I recorded a cover video of Little Big Town's newest single, "Girl Crush" with the help of my producer friend Quinn Redmond, my videographer friend Daniel McKinnon, and my husband Bradley Minnigan (the cutie man in the video with me!).  Awhile back, my husband (a diehard country music fan) played the latest Little Big Town "Painkiller" for me. He thought that I would like it. I fell absolutely in LOVE with it! Especially with the song "Girl Crush."  I called up a couple friends, we pulled some money together, and we decided to record my version of it the next day.

As you watch, look for the rain that decided to show up. Raindrops on the guitar, on our faces, everywhere. And look for shivering too, because it was FREEZING! 





I hope you enjoy! Please share with your friends, as every play helps tremendously! 



Posted on January 13, 2015 .