Sayonara, Shiloh!

Dearest Shiloh, 

We've had some good times; we've had rough times, but coming soon, those times will just be memories. Yes, Shiloh, I am moving on. Don't misunderstand, I will always love you. You took me on trips, you introduced me to many wonderful people, and you even made me a smidgen richer (emphasis on SMIDGEN). But alas, I have grown beyond this relationship; I must move on. I'll keep you on iTunes, and heck, I'll even sing your songs in some concerts. But I've grown and you've - well, you're an album so you can't really grow per say

Yes, Shiloh, it is time for me to fly the coop. Get outta dodge. Head 'em up and moooooove 'em out. Skedaddle. Scat.

 It is time for me to record new music.

See, I met this new guy. His name is Neilson Hubbard. He's really cool. He is going to record some songs for me. Then, I am going to release them one at a time, one every 1-2 months. Then, over the course of a year, the whole album will be out and printed in a collector's edition.

See, Shiloh, you're great; but I have new teammates, new strategies, and new songs that you just can't help with. 

The countdown to your end is near. I start my recording liaisons with Neilson August 27th. I just want you to be prepared.

Sayonara, Shiloh. It's been real. 

Love Always,

Posted on August 7, 2014 .