My Favorite Crap This Week

I like crap. All sorts a crap. Here are some faves this week. 

1. Cheese and crackers. 

I accidentally purchased 4 types of cheese and 4 boxes of crackers so far this week, AND IT'S ONLY WEDNESDAY. HOW AM I GONNA EAT ALL THESE CRACKERS AND CHEESE?! Y'all come over and eat some. 

2. Fair Trade Chocolate

It has come to my attention that chocolate is one of the worst offenders of using child slavery and very poor wages to produce a lot of the chocolate in this world. And I eat a crap ton of it. So I've been eating this fair trade kind now. It tastes better anyways. I really like Olive and Sinclair, a Nashville company.

3. Iron and Wine's version of Postal Service's song, "Such Great Heights." Goosebumps 4eva.

4. Vegetables. Yeah, I said it. 

It does make me feel better. Le sigh.

5. This. Because it pretty much sums up my week thus far. 

Can I get an Amen?


My friend pinned this on my beloved Pinterest, and it changed my snack life. Forever. Peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, a little vanilla extract, honey. Tastes like cookie dough. Um, YES. 

7. This guy who sneezes in a band concert. I've watched it a LOT of times. 

8. Awkward church signs.

9. iPhones that WORK. 

My iPhone stopped working. I have insurance, thankfully, and got it replaced. Well, the $%^%@#$$ replacement is a piece of $%&^$#$@#$. Woopdeefreakindoo.

10. Last but not least...

I can't help it. I love the guy.