My Sound

Lately, I have received a lot of questions about the album, and that makes me feel like this: 


"You're interested in my album?? You like me, you really like me!! YAAYY!!"

And of all the questions I’ve been getting, I think the question people ask the most is,

“What’s it going to sound like?”

I usually respond, “like your mother, swaddled in clouds, dipped in chocolate...”.


Just kidding. I have never said that sentence out loud in my life. Ever.

Except to your dad.

Somebody stop me.

Ok, what I actually tell them is,

“It’s swampy, southern soul music.” Then, the dialogue goes as follows:

 "So, it's country?"

"In a way..."

"It's soul music?"

"Well, old soul."

**blank stare**

"Well, it's southern, but not country. It's not what you typically hear on country radio stations. Kind of like Ray Charles." 

"Ray Charles isn't country."

"Actually, he is. He is even in the Country Music Hall of Fame..." 

"So, who do you sound like? Miranda Lambert or Lady Gaga? "

"Well, neither... "

"Who do you sound like then?" 

"Well, there isn't much to compare it to, to be honest. But I can give you some influences of mine?" 


"Ok! Ever heard of Bobbie Gentry?" 


"Hmm... How about Gladys Knight, Patty Griffin, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles..."

"Maybe, but I'm still confused." 

"How 'bout you just listen to it when it comes out. :) "

"Sounds good. K bye." 

ENOUGH, I say! Time to give more clarity into this album. If anyone else asks me, I will refer them here. *Big Breath* OK here goes...

It sounds just like, well me. It's dark, quirky, introspective, soulful. It's messy, in the best way possible. It has been recorded completely on analog tape (rather than digital). The songs could fit into country, alternative country, americana, soul, or pop, because it has elements of all of them. From the beginning, I have wanted this album to sound like you're listening to an old woman, sitting in a rocking chair on her back porch in the pine woods of South Georgia, telling stories about her life. Her stories hold nothing back; they're humorous, painful, and have the power to put you in a southern-licious trance. I am from South Georgia, so this scenario hits me in a beautiful place. I am heavily influenced by old slave spirituals. I am influenced by their "call and response" melodies, their simple yet gut-wrenching lyrics, their singing styles, and their wisdom. I hope this description helps. If it doesn't, here are some songs that may help...


I leave you with this quote from Elvis Costello. If you still haven't a single clue what my music is going to sound like, that's ok, because at the end of the day, 

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." 

If ever I believed that to be true, it would be now.