Weekend Fun

This weekend was a very eventful one for me! On Saturday, I recorded a song demo in the morning, and in the afternoon I did an acoustic show for a fundraising event. Then in the evening I went to my little buddy Julian Dente's show at a coffee shop called Bongo Java. 'Twas excellent. I am excited to be writing again with my friend and talented co-writer Simone Simonton this week. She's pretty much the coolest. I have two songs for sure ready for the upcoming record, and 3 more almost complete. I am praying they are good and authentic, and I am confident they will be.

At the end of this week through the middle of next, I'm taking myself on a little writing retreat to a ridiculously amazing house deep in the Blue Ridge mountains (note pictures below). It is absolute heaven. It feels like you just dropped off the planet into a remote place where you can simply just be. That is not a frequent occurrence in my life, so hopefully I will soak it in for all it's worth. My mom and aunt are joining me as well, so I don't get eaten by a bear. :P


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